Preorder: “Squishy Crushy Something”

A Deep Hearts YA publication

“Squishy Crushy Something” is available to preorder. It’s the first book of the Happy Lucky Everything series, a young adult romance that will be released on February 11, 2022. It’ll be available at the following stores:

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Release: “To Have Him and Hold Him”

A JMS Books publication

College graduates Renzo Herrera and Mario Daza have been a couple for two years when they decide to spend Christmas in Puerto Rico where Renzo’s family is from. At first, Renzo is worried about losing Mario because of a religious vow Renzo made as a teen. As a demisexual virgin, he wants to wait until marriage to have sex. Mario is his first love and the only one he would ever be intimate with, so it’s a big deal to him.

Mario already has experience and doesn’t feel the need to wait until marriage, but he also isn’t religious. Renzo isn’t against it for others since he doesn’t judge anyone by their differences. It’s just a personal choice that turned into a vow he refuses to break.

Being tied to a vow doesn’t mean it comes without challenges, though. After all, what’s supposed to be a fun Christmas vacation ends up feeling more like a marital test. Renzo and Mario must work out their sexual frustrations and find a way to compromise until marriage. For Renzo, it feels like choosing to be nice instead of naughty, so to speak.

Will their love for one another stay powerful enough for them to abstain from going all the way? Or are they just not be as compatible as they think?

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Kieran Frank Now Published With Deep Hearts YA

Last year, I submitted a young adult manuscript under a different pseudonym to Deep Hearts YA, and it got accepted. After plenty of editing and proofreading, it’s finally almost ready! Now, it’ll be published under my Kieran Frank name. The manuscript is part of my new series, “Happy Lucky Everything,” and the first book is titled “Squishy Crushy Something.” It’ll be released in 2022.

Release: “Sweetening the Spice”

A JMS Books publication

Twenty-one-year-old Ernie isn’t prudish about wearing his sexy Spiderman costume that leaves little to the imagination. After all, he’s ready for some spicy action as his Halloween treat. Granted, he’d still prefer having a boyfriend over a meaningless hookup, even though he’s never known what love is, but his exes turned out to be a waste of his time. He’s been leaning toward older men these days because guys his age never seem to know what they want. Still, a little fun along the way wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Enter twenty-nine-year-old Logan, a hookup who’s more beautiful and irresistible than any man Ernie has ever met, perfect for a Halloween treat. But after an awkward misunderstanding, Logan turns out to be asexual, and he isn’t so easy to get in bed with. So much for a spicy treat! In fact, a big part of his romantic past still surrounds him and Ernie when they meet for the first time, and it’s impossible to avoid. While not all asexual people are against having sex, Logan still has his limits and won’t do all the things Ernie finds more pleasurable. Logan may not find anyone sexually attractive, but he has a big heart to offer as a sweeter kind of treat.

This unexpected new experience confuses Ernie as he gets to know Logan some more. He’s used to only one way to love a man, or in his personal experience, no way at all. Being around Logan can be a challenge for both Ernie’s heart and body. Can he look past Logan’s limits and give this sweet treat a chance? Is there something deeper than anything Ernie’s ever felt?

Available at the following stores:
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